Class Descriptions

Noon Yoga:

Noon Yoga class is a flow style class that fits in a lot in 30 minutes. Class is constantly moving in and out of poses designed to flow from one to the other. The class begins with small focused movements and builds into movements that require more strength, balance, and flexibility. Every move has many levels and positions for ALL skill levels. There will be moves class participants can do that I cannot and its ok, that’s the beauty of Yoga! Class ends with the slowing down of movement and ending with Shavasana, the practice of a still mind. This is, I believe, the most important part of class. We have taken the Lunch hour to rejuvenate our body and we now rest the mind so we can be ready to conquer the rest of the day!

Barbells and Kettlebells:

The purpose of this class is to teach the basic barbell and kettlebell skills.  We will focus on building the participant’s exercise library by teaching the primary barbell and kettlebell movements in depth so participants can safely and effectively perform these movements in their own training.  Each class we will take 1 to 3 barbell and/or kettlebell skills and teach proper execution through various drills and complete a short, but intense workout centered around the skills we are focusing on that day.  Barbell skills will include the deadlift, squat, bench press, military press and more.  Kettlebell skills will include the swing, clean, snatch, squat, military press, get up and more.


Ride your bike through a virtual world of hills, turns, and more.  Spin is 30-45 minutes of cardiovascular endurance in a fun, upbeat atmosphere.  The instructor will lead you through a series of hills, sprint intervals, and flat roads.  No two classes are the same and you control the intensity level by choosing a resistance and speed that is right for you.  Bikes can be reserved online before class and all workouts are automatically saved to your personal account.

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Circuit Training:

A short class over the noon hour designed to give you everything you need to stay in shape in a short amount of time.  Resistance training exercises using kettlebells, bands, barbells, and body weight are all performed in a series of intervals to help you improve both strength and muscular endurance.  And don’t worry, you’ll also get to use the Curves, sleds, and other “fun” tools to improve your cardiovascular endurance as well.


*Additional classes may be offered.

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