Using the Spivi System
December 29, 2017

Spivi is a system that puts your spin bike into a virtual ride on-screen, providing a fun and motivating atmosphere for each class.  In addition, however, Spivi also allows each participant to create an individual account and save every workout, allows online sign up for each class, and can even provide structured workouts in the absense of an on-site instructor.  Go to to learn more about the Spivi system.  Creating a Spivi account is free of charge, and all spin classes are free with a paid Healthworks' membership.  Walk-ins for each class will still be allowed, but only for remaining bikes that have not been reserved.

***Update*** You can now use the Spivi System, and the Spivi App, to sign up for ALL Healthworks' classes!  For a full set of instructions, please click on the link below.  With all classes being listed in Spivi, you can now quickly get the latest schedule through the Spivi App and sign-up for classes up to 6 days in advance.  If a class is canceled after you have signed up, you will receive an automatic email notification.  Create your free Spivi account at today, then download the Spivi App through the App Store or Google Play Store.  If you have any questions, please contact the front desk at 488-4631.

Using the Spivi System (PDF)